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mri temperature monitoring

MRI Temperature Monitoring

mri applications

High-Accuracy Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing

Various life sciences and patient monitoring applications require high-accuracy fiber optic temperature sensing. OSENSA offers single and multi-channel fiber temperature probes for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging), and RF (radio frequency) environments, including low-cost disposable temperature probes with fast-response and exceptional accuracy.

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors for Patient Monitoring in MRI & NMR Environments

Various life sciences applications rely on fiber optic temperature sensors for high accuracy sensing in environments that are not conducive to standard thermometers and RTDs (resistance temperature detectors). One use for fiber optic sensors is patient monitoring in MRI, NMRI, and MRT environments where extremely high magnetic fields combined with pulsed RF (radio frequency) energy prohibit the use of metallic sensors. OSENSA’s fiber optic sensors are constructed from non-metallic materials making them ideally suited for monitoring patient temperature and ensuring the specific absorption rate of tissue does not exceed damaging levels. Fiber optic temperature sensors may also be used to monitor the cryogenic cooling of superconducting electromagnets. Other applications for fiber optic temperature sensors include RF physiological studies with animals, catheter sensors, and patient monitoring during electro-surgical procedures.

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors for MRI & CT Research

OSENSA offers high-accuracy fiber optic temperature sensors in a range of sizes and materials that are well suited for MRI and CT (X-ray computed tomography) research. OSENSA’s fiber optic probes are constructed out of x-ray transparent materials and with non-magnetic connectors for full compatibility in MRI and CT scanning rooms. In addition, fast-response, ultra small diameter fiber optic probes are available, specially designed to meet the requirements of many demanding applications.

Video Demonstration

Please click here for a video demonstration of the FTX-300-LUX+ MRI system overview.

MRI Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing Research Paper