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switchgear temperature monitoring
switchgear temperature monitoring

Transformer Winding Hot Spot Temperature Monitoring Sensors

transformer hot spot monitoringOSENSA’s fiber optic temperature sensors are ideal for oil-filled transformer and cast resin transformer temperature monitoring.  OSENSA's temperature sensors are completely immune to EMI/RFI and high-voltage environments making them ideal for transformer winding hot spot temperature monitoring. OSENSA has developed accurate, real-time, smart grid temperature monitoring solutions for power and distribution equipment.

Fiber optic temperature sensors have been installed in high-voltage oil-filled transformers for over twenty years and are now considered the preferred method of transformer monitoring. The benefit that fiber optic sensors offer transmission and distribution (T&D) companies is financially significant. By monitoring temperatures at each transformer winding hot spot, utilities are able to operate the transformer at peak capacity, without extending into overload conditions that can dramatically reduce the life of the transformer. This efficiency both in transmission throughput and service life can translate into savings of tens of thousands of dollars annually, and make direct winding temperature sensing capability a must-have.  Now, with solutions and industry-leading cost points, OSENSA's fiber optic temperature sensors are being deployed in cast resin transformers.

Application of OSENSA's Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors in Transformer Monitoring

OSENSA’s low-cost fiber optic temperature sensing technology makes smart grid transformer temperature monitoring even more compelling. For oil-filled transformers, fiber optic temperature probes are designed from high-dielectric strength materials such as Teflon and polyimide coated silica fiber so that they can withstand long-term immersion in transformer oil and kerosene desorption during manufacturing. A special tank wall feed-through is used to transmit the fiber sensor signal from the OSENSA optical temperature transmitter to the probe installed directly at the transformer winding hot spot locations. OSENSA’s fiber optic temperature transmitters are mounted in an external control cabinet with the temperature outputs fed into real-time monitoring and control software. With OSENSA’s optical temperature sensors installed, operators can monitor load conditions in real-time, reducing waste energy production and reducing the environmental burden.