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Research & Educational Temperature Sensing

researching temperature sensingOSENSA supports research and development activities that require precise fiber optic temperature sensing solutions. OSENSA’s software and fiber optic probes can be customized and calibrated for a wide variety of laboratory and test applications.

Fiber optic temperature sensors are often selected for research applications because of their immunity to strong electromagnetic fields, nuclear and x-ray radiation. OSENSA’s fiber optic sensors are ideal for research applications because of their flexibility and ease of use. Simply install the OSENSAView software and plug in the USB cable to start monitoring temperatures optically. OSENSA’s application support engineers will provide friendly assistance, and for more demanding applications, OSENSA can provide engineering consulting services.

OSENSA’s fiber optic temperature sensors are also great for student lab work and provide a unique educational activity for instructors of physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, and instrumentation. The advanced OSENSAView Pro software makes temperature logging, and calibration simple, and the low-cost, 100% polymer optical fiber probes will not break like standard glass optical fiber can. Plastic optical fiber temperature probes can be dropped on the floor, stepped on, and driven over, and they usually still work fine. In fact, you can cut a plastic fiber optic temperature sensor in half and piece the two halves back together. As long as there is enough light still traveling through each half, the probe will work.