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Intermediate Software Engineer

  • Employer: OSENSA Innovations Corp.
  • Location: Burnaby, BC
  • Job Type: Full
  • Job Status: Permanent Time
  • Category: Intermediate Engineer
  • Sub Category: N/A
  • Job ID: 3
  • Posting Date: May 24, 2019
  • Posting Expiry: Jun 5, 2019
  • Contact Name: Osensa Innovations
  • Contact Email: careers@osensa.com
  • Contact Phone: 1-604-259-7177
  • Contact Fax: N/A

Job Details



Job Description

We are looking for an Intermediate Software Engineer for a full-time permanent position to work at our Burnaby facility, beginning June 1, 2019 or shortly thereafter. Salary will be competitive with industry standards and augmented to reflect talent.


The successful candidate will grow to become the “software expert” at Osensa.  You will be responsible for the software that interfaces with our devices (running on computers, web servers, and more), as well as the software used in manufacturing for quality-control purposes. You will work under the guidance of a senior engineer, although you will be expected to solve technical problems independently.


You are self-motivated, creative, and disciplined; you know how to learn and you have previously demonstrated initiative and talent on at least one software project (paid or unpaid). You are pragmatic and able to quickly build proof-of-concept software systems using the most efficient tools. But you’re an architect rather than a hacker: you use an organized development process, possess deep knowledge of computer science fundamentals, and understand many relevant protocols (e.g. SPI, RS485, Modbus, DNP3, TCP/IP, HTTP etc.).


The position will evolve based on both the aptitude of the successful candidate and the trajectory of Osensa, but the following tasks are likely to form a significant portion of the job:

-   Developing cross-platform applications that interface with our devices

-   Designing and implementing robust backend architecture and intuitive frontend user interfaces

-   Developing, testing, and deploying software that automates quality control test equipment for production

-   Exploring new software designs and ideas

-   Design and execute software test plans

-   Contribute to continual process improvement


The following bullet points are requirements for the position:

-   Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline (Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering)

-   Working knowledge of the following:

•   Java

•   Python

•   C/C++ programming

•   MySQL database

-   Experienced managing and maintaining projects using GitHub

-   Previously-demonstrated talent and initiative on a relevant software project (paid or unpaid; applicants should describe how they meet this requirement in their covering letter)

-   Excellent verbal and written communication skills

-   Good documentation abilities

-   Attention to detail and commitment to product quality


The following bullet points are not requirements, but would be useful to Osensa, as it would allow the successful candidate to become productive more quickly:

-   Experience with the following software tools:

•   NetBeans IDE for Java

•   Kivy (cross-platform Python GUI framework)

•   LabView (for developing automated testing routines)

-   Experience writing firmware for ARM microcontrollers

-   Experience using and developing projects for the Raspberry Pi

-   Experience setting up local servers and knowledge on cybersecurity

-   Experience with web-based connectivity for devices (Internet-of-Things)

-   Experience interfacing smart phones with custom hardware (e.g., over Bluetooth, NFC, or using the headphone plug)


How to apply:


Please send a PDF including both your resume and a brief cover letter (not exceeding 250 words) describing your relevant skills/experience and why you would be a good candidate for this job and apply using the "Apply" button below.