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Cloud Back-End Developer

  • Employer: OSENSA Innovations
  • Location: Burnaby, BC
  • Job Type: Full
  • Job Status: Permanent Time
  • Category: Junior Engineer
  • Sub Category: N/A
  • Job ID: 14
  • Posting Date: Nov 1, 2021
  • Posting Expiry: Nov 30, 2021
  • Contact Name: N/A
  • Contact Email: careers@osensa.com
  • Contact Phone: N/A
  • Contact Fax: N/A

Job Details


You are a solid back-end developer experienced in building scalable and fault-tolerant SaaS services. You understand why unit tests exist and you don’t sacrifice code quality. You know how to use the right tool for the job and know how to avoid reinventing the wheel. You are up-to-date with the new tech and willing to learn and utilize new tools and frameworks as needed. You understand what production ready means and will take your time to do proper testing of your code. You advocate for test automation whenever you get the chance.

Job Description

You will get involved in developing internal and/or customer facing web apps in all stages. You will be the main contributor in back-end coding, testing and troubleshooting.  One of the major projects you would be involved in is implementing the back-end microservices to serve the web app and other sub-systems necessary to run the whole ecosystem for a fleet of industrial IoT devices.


- Two years of back-end development experience

- Solid programming experience in Python and/or Java

- Experience with AWS or other cloud providers

- REST and/or GraphQL APIs

- Knowledge of microservices and event driven architecture is a plus

Who are we?

Osensa is a leading developer of fiber optic temperature sensor products for a wide range of industrial applications. We are a passionate group of engineers and scientists who enjoy working on new challenges in a fun and fast-paced environment. Please refer to the photos of our annual Valentine’s Day fondue event for our passion bonafides.


$60k - $100k

How to apply

Submit your resume along with your online portfolio