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Junior Mechatronics Engineer

  • Employer: OSENSA Innovations
  • Location: Burnaby, BC
  • Job Type: Full
  • Job Status: Permanent Time
  • Category: Junior Engineer
  • Sub Category: N/A
  • Job ID: 2
  • Posting Date: Feb 11, 2019
  • Posting Expiry: Mar 31, 2019
  • Contact Name: Osensa Innovations
  • Contact Email: careers@osensa.com
  • Contact Phone: 1-604-259-7177
  • Contact Fax: N/A

Job Details


OSENSA Innovations develops and manufactures fiber optic temperature sensor products for industrial applications including power transformers, switchgear, generators, semiconductor, and MRI equipment. OSENSA’s technology is transforming the temperature sensor industry by enabling industrial-grade fiber optic solutions that are price-competitive with conventional wired thermocouples and RTDs (resistive thermal devices). Furthermore, OSENSA’s fiber optic temperature sensors are more durable and easier to install than competitive optical technologies. OSENSA’s fiber optic sensors are immune to electromagnetic radiation and compatible with high-voltage, high-RF (radio frequency), and high-magnetic-field environments, making them ideal for applications where thermocouples and RTDs fail. 

Job Description

We are looking for a Junior Mechatronics Engineer for a full-time permanent position to work at our Burnaby facility.  The starting date is May 1, 2019.  Students graduating Spring 2019 are encouraged to apply.  Salary will be competitive with industry standards and augmented to reflect talent. 

The focus of the job is both new product development and manufacturing engineering support.  The successful candidate’s primary roll will be to “do the work” necessary to design, build, and test working prototypes of new products and develop and implement high volume manufacturing processes including rapid assembly, automated testing, and quality assurance controls.  You will work under the guidance of a senior engineer and have access to other experts to guide you with mechanical design, electronic troubleshooting, programming, testing, and other technical tasks.  We are looking for someone who is self-motivated, creative, disciplined, knows how to learn, and has previously demonstrated initiative and talent on at least one engineering project (paid or unpaid).  The successful candidate will be naturally mindful of delivering exceptional quality work, both in paying attention to every detail of design, creating thorough documentation, and optimizing all work processes for greatest efficiency.  

The position will evolve based on both the aptitude of the successful candidate and the trajectory of OSENSA, but the following tasks are likely to form a significant portion of the job: 

  • Developing opto-mechanical designs for fiber optic sensor products 

  • Designing jigs and fixtures involving simple optics, mechanics, electronics, and software integration 

  • Creating and executing test plans 

  • Optimizing and documenting manufacturing processes 

  • Coordinating manufacturing activities 

  • Implementing manufacturing work flows and quality systems 

  • Opto-mechanical assembly 

  • Quality assurance 


The following bullet points are requirements for the position: 

  • B.A.Sc. degree in a relevant engineering discipline (Mech, EngPhys, etc.; Spring 2019 graduates are encouraged to apply) 

  • Working knowledge of Solidworks 

  • Strong aptitude for precision mechanical design 

  • Previously demonstrated talent and initiative on a relevant engineering project (paid or unpaid; applicants should describe how they meet this requirement in their covering letter) 

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 

  • Strong organization and documentation skills 

The following bullet points are not requirements, but would be useful to Osensa, as it would allow the successful candidate to become productive more quickly: 

  • Experience with the following software tools: 

  • Zemax or other optical design software 

  • LabView programming 

  • Microsoft Access or SQL  

  • Understanding of precision opto-mechanical design principles 

  • Familiarity with ISO-9001 standards and quality assurance practices 

  • Familiarity with lean manufacturing